How it started

Cooking for a vegan family

During the pandemic I did a lot of home cooking. My two young boys and I went through all the boxed vegan mac & cheese at the store, but nothing hit right.

After serious taste-testing from the boys and our friends, we cooked up a version that's tasty for grownups and kids alike!

How it's made

Flavor First

I set out to make a vegan mac & cheese that's tasty enough to be comfort food for the next generation.

Usually my kitchen gets its cheesiness from the dad jokes, but in GrownAs* Mac, the delicious cheesy flavor and creamy texture come from nutritional yeast and potato flakes.

Since I use dry ingredients, GrownAs* prepares just like the boxes you grew up with. Add plant-based butter & milk to our seasoning mix– no more goopy cheese pouches. Only creamy, cheesy mac!

- David Delcourt, Chief of Flavor

People, Planet, Plants

Our Values

  • People  We'd never feed our customers something we wouldn't feed our own families. We use the highest quality ingredients to make delicious meals easy for all diets. Whether you're vegan, lactose-intolerant, have nut allergy, or just looking for food without and junk in it-- GrownAs* is here for you! 
  • Planet  Vegan alternatives aren't just good for your body, they're good for the Earth! Since we're a packaged food, we aim to reduce our footprint by offering plastic free packaging with recyclable boxes and compostable inner pouches.
  • Plants  Ditching dairy for plants has lots of perks, such as lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

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